The Consumer Credit Register and the Estate Agents Register

About the registers

The Office of Fair Trading has a statutory duty under the Consumer Credit 1974 and the Estate Agents Act 1979 to make information available publicly.

On these pages you will be able to access and search the Consumer Credit Register and find information about the Estate Agents Register.

The Consumer Credit Register provides details of applications for - and holders of - consumer credit licences, both current and past. It also contains details of the OFT’s decisions to refuse applications or revoke consumer credit licences as well as information relating to any appeal to the Consumer Credit Appeal Tribunal against any such decision.

Please note. In line with the law at that time, all standard credit licences issued before April 2008 were valid only for a specified period (five years). Thus the Register shows the “Issued” date and the “Expiry” date for that licence. However, where an applicant makes an application for a renewal in good time, the Act says that the previous licence will continue in force beyond its original expiry date. To check whether a licence has automatically lapsed or whether a renewal has been received, and the licence thus remains in effect beyond its original expiry date, see the Licence Status field. This will show “current” or “lapsed” as appropriate.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is accurate, occasional minor errors may occur. If you identify information which appears to be incorrect or omitted, please report it to, so that we can investigate the matter and correct the database as required. We will only make changes that are notified by the licence holder or an authorised representative. Please include your position within the organisation when reporting issues requiring resolution to the enquiries team.

The Consumer Credit Register is a public document. Subject only to the qualification above as to our inability to guarantee complete accuracy in every respect, those who have a current licence will be shown on the register to have one. Conversely those who do not appear on the register as licensed entities with a current licence will not be licensed by the Office of Fair Trading to carry out licensable credit related activities. If you are in any doubt as to a person’s licensed status you can contact OFT by emailing

The Estate Agents Register provides details of estate agents whom the OFT has banned from engaging in estate agency work or who have received a warning under the Estate Agents Act 1979.

The Consumer Credit Bulletin provides details of licensing actions on a week by week basis.

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